Month: February 2020

Kathy, Bob & A Mouse House Full Of Dollars // #53

We’re talking all about the financial returns of the Disney-era movies so far – the sequel trilogy and the standalones – as well as assessing the tenures of Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger. Has money equalled success? What about the output quality? What …

Disney+ Launch Event Announcement

We have been privileged enough to have been given access and entry to the exclusive Disney+ Launch Event in London on March 5th 2020 where full details of the service will be unveiled.

Welcome to the Holonet

Hey, look at us…look at us…who would have thought? A Star Wars Sessions website. This isn’t just any website, it’s a Dovetail website – thanks to our main man, Isaac Pevy, for delivering such a wonderful looking website and a landing place for probably Britain’s greatest Star Wars podcast.

This Is Baby Yoda’s World… // #52

This week, we’re discussing the impact that Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian have had on pop culture – is it as big as we think or are we in the midst of something special? We take YOUR thoughts as per and end with a game of “Who Would You Rather…”. Spi…

An Evening With Ken Napzok // #51

The man who’s no myth, just legend, Ken Napzok joined us this week to chat some Star Wars, his bestselling book ‘Why We Love Star Wars’, the Collider days and more. Plus we hear what YOUR favourite moments are from the galaxy far, far away.

The Big Episode 50 Q&A // #50

IT’S OUR 50th EPISODE! To celebrate our milestone, we’re having a spicy Q&A based on your wonderful submissions. What would our last meal on Alderaan be? What would our jobs be in the GFFA? Our fondest SW memories? The Star Wars Twelve Commandments…