Greetings exalted ones!

Hey, look at us…look at us…who would have thought? A Star Wars Sessions website. This isn’t just any website, it’s a Dovetail website – thanks to our main man, Isaac Pevy, for delivering such a wonderful looking website and a landing place for probably Britain’s greatest Star Wars podcast.

Alongside every show being published here as soon as they drop, there’s also a section for our majestic Patrons (coming very soon with some spicy exclusive wallpapers) plus our very own Holonet where you’ll find news of our convention and event appearances, announcements, collaborations and more. It’ll also be the place to see photos and videos of our adventures too – and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t fancy some of that?

So, welcome to our cosy abode and, just like our show itself, it’ll grow over time into something spicier than you could possibly imagine.

Big love.

Jabba the Hud & Master Blighwalker