Happy November everyone!

What a strange year this has been and, firstly, we hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Here aboard the Essex Falcon, we’re still working hard to ensure we provide the best content possible for you all to help spread some Star Wars and Sessions positivity as we near the end of 2020.

Each Friday for the duration of The Mandalorian season two, we will be dropping spoiler reviews of the latest Mando episodes in a new show titled Mandalorian Recap. This will appear in the usual SWS podcast feed so you don’t even have to look elsewhere for the episodes! These will release alongside our usual weekly show and our Roundtable Sessions also.

On our Patreon, we also release three exclusive episodes also. Matt’s solo show Jibba Jabba with Jabba the Hud, Luke’s show The Journal of Luke Blighwalker and the free-talking fun Pubcasts drop monthly and we also have film commentaries,  Clone Wars recaps and more in the Patreon back catalogue. Head over to our Patreon page for more info and to sign up!

We can’t wait for the final few weeks of 2020 in Star Wars – let’s not forget the comic releases, From A Certain Point of View Strikes Back (and more!) – and we’re even more pumped to share them with you guys…the greatest listeners in the galaxy!

All aboard the spice train!