Upcoming Disney+ Star Wars Series: ANDOR Filming in Essex

Based on multiple sources, Star Wars Sessions can exclusively confirm that shooting for the upcoming Disney+ series Andor has been taking place here in Essex – specifically Coryton Refinery, an abandoned refinery situated roughly twenty-eight miles from central London. The shoot itself has been being readied for the past few weeks and these same sources have confirmed the presence of both Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna for the principal photography shoot.

  • No story details were given.
  • The shoot has been ongoing for several weeks including prep time and set-up.
  • Tony Gilroy, Diego Luna, and various members of the cast have been on-location to shoot scenes.
  • Multiple locations across and within the refinery have been utilised.
  • Various instances of green screen have been spotted across the site.
  • Location facility vehicle providers Movie Makers have been active on set throughout

As a side note, a source with close ties to the location informed SWS that they had spotted what seemed to be a “ship” on the back of a vehicle covered in tarpaulin in the early hours of the morning. Based on the description we were given, this would seem to indicate a landspeeder (more akin to the models in the opening chase scenes in Solo) than a ship. This particular source had no prior knowledge that a Star Wars project was being shot in Coryton.

The general vibe and aesthetic of Coryton Refinery are entirely industrial, so could we be heading back to Corellia now that Fawley Power Station has been demolished? Maybe the grittier side of Coruscant? Or could we be heading to a new location entirely? We’ll find out over the coming months, but, one thing is for sure – elements of Andor were shot here in Essex.

More details and observations will be available during Episode 111 (released Wednesday, April 21st 2021)