The Star Wars Stories The FANS Want…

It’s canon o’clock…

For my latest solo Patreon show (Jibba Jabba with Jabba the Hud), I put forward some of the stories or ideas that I would very much like to see the Lucasfilm Story Group and Lucasfilm Publishing conjure into reality one day. You can hear the entire episode on our Patreon page and it is available to all tiers (tiers start from just $2 a month!).

Listeners to the Sessions will know that I am the canon guy of the operation, and, whilst most of the ideas I had could just as easily be adapted into animation or live-action, I decided to focus on the stories I would like to be released in print form. I love a bit of pagination.

One of the stories I mentioned that I am desperate to read more about would focus on the English Rose herself (maybe the Jakku Rose in-universe…), Rey Skywalker. Set post-The Rise of Skywalker, to me there is so much potential for deep storytelling as well as more light-hearted content that would undoubtedly come alongside it. Think about it, Rey was left by her parents at a very young age and was forced to live the life of a scavenger until her run-in with BB-8 and Finn in The Force Awakens changed everything. From then on, and in the space of approximately two years, she…deep breath…participated in the destruction of Starkiller Base, fought Kylo Ren, felt the Force awaken within her, met (and argued with) LUKE SKYWALKER, fronted up to Supreme Leader Snoke and his Praetorian Guards, played a role in the Battle of Crait, trained under LEIA ORGANA…deep breath… learned some ancient Jedi teachings, traversed the ruins of the second Death Star (thanks to that blade), fought Kylo Ren again, found out she didn’t just have power…SHE HAD HIS POWER, SHE WAS A PALPATINE, took on her grandaddy alongside her crush BEN SOLO, killed her grandaddy, died, was resurrected, and then watched her one love Ben Solo become one with the Force.


Then again, you guys already knew about that.

Add to all of that the fact that she found a new family with Finn, Poe, and the Resistance and I think it’s fair to say Rey went through the wringer somewhat after over a decade of living an isolated life on Jakku.

So, imagine how fantastic a story set after these events could be? Rey Skywalker, the hero of the Resistance and the galaxy, dealing with the overwhelming events of the previous years. What does she do next? Restart the Jedi Order? Travel the galaxy? Binge eat those odd apple-broccoli hybrids from Maz’s Castle? Whatever she does, you have to imagine the weight of being Emperor Palpatine’s granddaughter would be heavy on her shoulders. How would one go from utter anonymity to the hero of the galaxy and remain as they were? Let’s not forget losing Ben Solo either, the after-effects of which would be strong and emotional. I also imagine literally dying would probably elicit some psychological trauma. For me, there is a truly fascinating and incredible story to be told there and I would love to see it come to light one day. Paging Delilah S. Dawson…

I threw a few more admittedly amazing ideas out in the world during the episode (including some awesome sounding short stories focusing on new and established Prequel era Jedi…) but I wanted to hear what other FANS wanted to dive into – the stories and ideas from a galaxy far, far away that titillate them more than the idea of slaughter excites Fennec Shand. So, shall we? Feast your eyes on these fantastic contributions…

Charlotte and Caitlin from the magnificent Skytalkers podcast said “We’d love a novel or comic that explores the time between TLJ and TROS that includes Rey and Kylo’s force bond somehow!”, and Eric Eilersen, President of YouTini, co-host of The Living Force Podcast and my hero, said “I would love to see a story about Bail Organa heading the Fulcrum project while incorporating Sabé as an agent! The epilogue of Queen’s Shadow gave me such hope.”

Dave Dunne, Supreme Leader of the UK Star Wars Black Series Collectors, said “There are a few stories I’ve always hoped would get made, but my top one has got to be the story of Qui-Gon Jinn. The wisest most rebellious Jedi we have seen on screen. Give me more Jinn.” and Looper’s very own Eammon Jacobs said, “I’d love a 6-issue miniseries about Juro’s new Jedi Order set after The Ninth Jedi episode of Star Wars: Visions.”

Mark Newbold of Fantha Tracks and Star Wars Insider said “I’d very much like to see the Corellian underworld explored more. The world is nearer the Core than most other underworld planets, which means they have opportunities other planets don’t. Sure, they are under closer scrutiny from the authorities (which would be interesting to see in a book or comic) but it would also give a different vibe as runs would be taking smugglers and traders to major planets like Coruscant or Alderaan (depending on when it is set). With Lady Proxima and the White Worms a major presence on Corellia, the Imperial shipbuilding yards, and other elements able to be folded in, that’s a place I’d love to see more of.” Mark is also a fellow Greggs fiend so this idea is afforded extra credence.

The fabulous Silver from the equally fabulous Into the Garbage Chute podcast knows the score, she said “I would love to see more backstory to Rey’s parents. We’ve got so little and I wouldn’t mind a novel explaining how her parents met, fell in love, and ran away. Also, a baby Rey isn’t a bad thing ? I need answers damn it!” whereas Kara, fanzine maker and collage artist at Into a Larger World, said, “My dream novel idea would follow some aging clones (chips removed) around the time of Solo, just trying to live their lives in a small town, maybe running a cantina, and the way they use their skills to help the people that come their way.”

Well, how about this for an awesome idea from Jonny Oliff, the editor at The Starbird Files? He said “I would like a Rangers of the New Republic comic series. This started as a silly idea as I just want more of Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), but the more I think about it I think it could be really cool. As well as characters from the MandoVerse you could bring in characters we know from the OT as well as the Aftermath and Alphabet Squadron trilogies and really show us how the New Republic works.” As a man who’s a fan of connectivity and lore, to quote Rey Skywalker herself, “give it to me”.

Jason from the stellar Blast Points podcast added this, “The one story I’d love to see made into a novel or comic was actually something Matthew Stover told me he wanted to do back in 2005. It’s a story about both Qui-Gon and Darth Plagueis discovering an ancient Force ability to retain your spirit after death. It’s a race for each to find it and after they both do, it’s interpreted in two different ways.” and Geordie legend Pete from the Star Bores Podcast said “A canon comic where we see Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker on the hunt for the history of the Jedi and the Force. We can see him travel the galaxy both alone and with the likes of Lor San Tekka. It could be an Indiana Jones / Tomb raider vibe as each issue sees Luke solving the riddles of Jedi/Sith temples and artifacts. Essentially telling Luke’s story before he decides to open his school.”

The amazing squad over at The Ladylorians Show said “We are big fans of the relationship between Kenobi and Satine, so we strongly believe in the Korkie Kenobi theory that Korkie is actually the child of Satine and Kenobi when they worked together long before the war. Having Korkie being the son of Kenobi makes the death of Satine even more emotional and it also makes you think if there is a force wielding Kenobi roaming the universe at the time of the Sequels.”

Pete Fletzer, host of Around the Galaxy and owner of a beautiful beard, said “Give us an R2-D2 story BEFORE he heroically saves Padme, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. I would love to see the trouble he got into as the most independent thinking astromech on the ship.” and, finally, Jonny Orme from My Star Wars Life Debt simply said, “Mandalorian/Jedi War… mic drop.” Boom.

So there we have it. Stories that span multiple eras and characters (seeing some love for the Solo era too!) with each promising to deliver their own unique addition to the galaxy. Clones behind the bar? The Jedi Order of the future? Rey’s parents? I know I fancy diving into all of the above ideas so if you’re reading this Michael Siglain…come on, we’re literally giving you some freebies here fella.

The biggest issue with each of the above contributions is that I didn’t come up with any of them… 

Of course, there are so many stories that I would like to read more about. As I sit here writing this, I find myself pining for more from the planet of Bracca, an adventure that leads into the Sequel Trilogy, and, inevitably, a story set way back in the Old Republic or before.

Seeing what the fans want to read and discover has been exciting, intriguing, and provided some fantastic ideas and stories that will hopefully one day hit the canon timeline for the fandom to enjoy. I’d like to extend a massive, massive thanks to those that contributed their ideas – please check them all out and support them and their respective, wonderful works. To find out the remaining stories Matt would like to see, head over to our Patreon for all the Jabba flow.

What stories or ideas would YOU like to read in canon one day? You can let us know via our Contact section or via social media. We’d love to hear more of your ideas!