We hit the Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green, London on 27th August 2022 for our FIRST Super Star Wars Night, and what a night it was!

The free event was sold out and we were privileged to have guests travel from Newcastle, Manchester, Wales, ESSEX, Surrey, Bournemouth, and, yes, KANSAS (amongst many) to attend the event and hang out with us and each other. The vibe on the night was spot on – Star Wars talk, banter, beers, cocktails, and that classic Sessions community spirit shining through.

During the evening, we delivered our first live show (well, in front of an audience) and threw in a cheeky quiz to boot, including some actually decent prizes! With the bar staff being kept busy, we were blessed to have an EXCLUSIVE cocktail for the evening as well…the Echo Base! It was a marvellous concoction and very strong as well…

A viewing of The Empire Strikes Back followed and the crowd did not disappoint with their reactions throughout. They say a good crowd can elevate an event, and, well they’re not wrong. What’s not to like about watching The Empire Strikes Back?

The night came to a close after more discussions and laughs, and, whilst we were sad for it all to end, we genuinely CANNOT WAIT to put on another event and get the band back together again.

Thanks so much to the team at Genesis Cinema – Bobbie, Eleanor, James, Bobby, et al – for all of their help, support, and assistance in creating such a magnificent evening. The Force is strong with them.

For all of our photos from the night, pre-event and post-event also, head to our Gallery.