“It’s not the years, honey…it’s the mileage.”

Well, it has been forty-two years since Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered and would go on to become a classic of cinema whilst giving the world one of its greatest heroes – Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. Now, in 2023, Dr. Jones dons the fedora for one final adventure in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney Studios UK, we had the honour and privilege of attending the movie’s UK Premiere on 26th June 2023 – as well as the multimedia screening just days prior – and what a night it was!

Star Wars Sessions at the London Premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

With the London heat showing no signs of letting up, the whole team behind the event brought their ‘A game’. On the red carpet, fans were treated to the sight of Harrison Ford alongside co-stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, and John Rhys-Davies plus producer Simon Emanuele, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Hollywood royalty Frank Marshall, and director James Mangold with Edith Bowman hosting and interviewing throughout.

Not just the stars of the movie either, other notables attendees included Matt Berry, Martin McDonagh, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (director of the upcoming New Jedi Order movie), legendary Indy producer Robert Watts, and Charles Dances to name a few (ask Luke about his Charles Dance story…)

Oh, also, we can’t forget Daisy Ridley herself was in attendance…and…WE MET DAISY RIDLEY!! A fortuitous trip to the restroom turned out to be a moment that could not have been timed better. It was a joy to meet Daisy, and, yes, she is wonderful in real life too.

For us at Star Wars Sessions, being within inches of Harrison Ford was a dream come true and a real moment. The man still has it at eighty years old and the razor-sharp tongue still works as Matt found out by foolishly asking for a snap with the legend himself. Legend has it he is still waiting for that photo…

Not just Harrison, but being in the presence of Star Wars alumni Mikkelsen and Waller-Bridge alongside the ruler-in-chief Kathy Kennedy was just something else. Gimli too? Come on…

(Sidenote, Kathy Kennedy’s sister is a DEAD RINGER for her)

It didn’t hurt that The Dial of Destiny delivers the thrills, thwacks, and emotional undercurrent that we’ve come to expect from everybody’s favourite professor. On second viewing, we both agree that the film holds up and may have been even better

For our non-spoiler thoughts alongside our mates Mark Newbold and Matt Booker from Fantha Tracks, head here.

Being present for Indy’s last hurrah is an experience that we won’t forget. Being amongst the stars was incredible, the vibes were immaculate, oh, AND WE MET DAISY RIDLEY AS WELL!! (Sorry to repeat, we’re still over the moon about it) In addition, we were able to share the evening alongside our friends Charlie Ashby from Imperial Senate Podcast, the wonderful BK Cosplay, and the aforementioned Mark and Matt of Fantha Tracks infamy. Overall, we’d call that a win.

For the full selection of images from the night, head to the Gallery.

Thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney UK for the invites and opportunity to attend the events.

Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny opens worldwide on 28th June 2023.