Remembering Carl Weathers, Our Greef Karga // #235

Remembering Carl Weathers, Our Greef Karga // #235

This week, we remember the late great Carl Weathers and reflect on his time as Greef Karga in The Mandalorian. We also take YOUR thoughts, answer some great Patreon questions, and end on a WHO-themed game...

For the third year running, we're celebrating Star Wars Podcast Day! Every year on February 7th, over 100 shows come together to share their love of fan-made audio with other Star Wars fans, as well as the wider podcast audience. Why February 7th? That was the day Jedi Talk, the very first Star Wars podcast, premiered way back in 1999!

Music: Greef Karga - Musical Tribute (High Magistrate - Emotional Version) by Jeremy Brauns (

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