Is Return Of The Jedi The Weakest Of The OT? // #86

It rounded off one of the greatest trilogies of the mall, but, is Return of the Jedi the weakest film in the Original Trilogy? Critics think so and many fans do too so we thought we’d explore why this could be and give our own thoughts and opinions on …

The Bestoon Bulletin // #85

We’re joined once again by the Legend of Leaking, Welsh royalty Bespin Bulletin to talk about speculation and theories surrounding upcoming Star Wars projects covering various formats and we hear the legendary story of Ochi of Bestoon. We also take YOU…

A Fun-Filled Celebration Of Star Wars

What a day May the 4th 2020 was. As expected, so many incredible creators dropped amazing content to celebrate this magnificent franchise – it was a joy to watch and be a part of as fans, first-and-foremost, and also as creators ourselves.

BBC Sessions – 11th March 2020

The boys were back at the Beeb on March 11th 2020 discussing their recent show with Ken Napzok, the show’s roots, popularity, future and more.

Back To The BBC

The boys are heading back to the BBC for their second appearance – this time with Helen Scott on Wednesday March 11th 2020.