The galaxy far, far away has been delivering news, rumours and speculation aplenty this week – Disney+ is giving us a Lando show? A Maul and Qi’ra show? Publishing news from Comic Con@Home. Star Wars Squadrons BETA testing. TIE Marauders? All of it is …

Probably Britain's Greatest Star Wars Podcast.

Established in 2018 in Essex, UK, Star Wars Sessions exists to provide one thing – quality Star Wars discussion. Now, throw in some banter, spice, positivity plus excellent listener interaction and you end up with probably Britain’s greatest Star Wars podcast (…TM)

Latest Episodes

July 22, 2020

Luminous Beings Are We // #73

Do or do not, there is no try. Luke and Yoda together in The Empire Strikes Back delivered some of cinema’s greatest moments and certainly ranks as one of the greatest sequences in the history of Star Wars. We discuss the scenes, their impact on the sa…
July 15, 2020

Celebrating Deleted Scenes // #72

Star Wars has an array of weird and wonderful deleted scenes so we’re discussing our best and worst from across the movies and asking whether any would have enhanced their  particular movie plus a few we’re glad remained on the cutting room floor….
July 8, 2020

So Long, Sequel Trilogy? // #71

With strange rumours flying about that Lucasfilm are going to scrap the entire sequel trilogy and start all over again, we give our take on this and also discuss some hypothetical situations – all in the name of fun. We take your thoughts on this plus,…