About Us

Established in 2018 in Essex, UK, Star Wars Sessions exists to provide one thing – quality Star Wars discussion. Mix that with banter, balanced positivity, genuine passion and a bit of spice and you end up with probably Britain’s greatest Star Wars podcast

Matt Hudson (L) and Luke Bligh (R)

Hosts Matt Hudson and Luke Bligh deliver a weekly dose of family-friendly, opinion-led discussion all centred around that beautiful galaxy far, far away – the one that has shaped so many lives, including our own. Join us wherever you get your podcasts as we shoot the galactic breeze, visit The Bantina, engage with the best listeners in the galaxy, and have a blast every time we switch the microphones on.

Star Wars Sessions grew off the back of geeky chats at a coffee shop in Basildon, Essex. Whilst perusing The Cantina Forum, Matt and Luke stumbled across each other in the most fortuitous of ways – by simply providing their work office locations in response to a thread. Those locations, by the Force, were within 500 yards of each other and the rest is history. After a few special podcasts entitled “Star Wars Sessions”, the lads decided to push forward with a more regular offering and, with the help and support of our amazing listeners and community, the show has grown week after week and shows no sign of abating.

Sessions have collaborated with brands such as Disney, Hasbro, and EA and been featured on BBC, Metro, Telegraph, and Insider. We have also had panels and booths at Star Wars Celebration, MCM Comic Con, London Film & Comic Con and more. For the full list, check out the Collabs and Media sections.

We have been privileged to have interviewed so many wonderful talents from the Star Wars galaxy, including Jessica Henwick, Ahmed Best, Brendan Wayne, Danny Trejo, Roger Christian, Natalia Tena, and more. For the full list, head to the Guests section

Post-Star Wars Celebration 2023 Panel, Excel London

Your Hosts:

Matt’s first memory of Star Wars was seeing The Empire Strikes Back on terrestrial television in the early 1990s and wondering why a grown man was talking to a green goblin in a swamp. His favourite Star Wars film is Rogue One, and his favourite characters are Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey Skywalker, and Greez Dritus. Star Wars aside, he loves horror films, doughnuts, guitars, and his daughter.

Luke’s first memory of Star Wars was watching Return of the Jedi (possibly) back in the late 1990s and witnessing R2-D2 and C3PO walking across the desert. His favourite Star Wars film is (definitely) Return of the Jedi (it’s the feel-good film of the year, every year. Obviously), and his favourite characters are Luke Skywalker and pretty much all of the aliens. (Whispers: and maaaaybe Mando). Outside of Star Wars, he loves photography, architecture, travelling, and food!