May 4th…the one day in the calendar year where seemingly every human collectively loves a bit of Star Wars – for us, it was Tuesday. WE LOVE STAR WARS EVERY DAY! That said, we always enjoy jumping onboard the celebrations with our own brand of spice and this year was no different.

Prior to May 4th, we were invited onto Star Trek Sundays to participate in a Trek vs. Wars quiz with the wonderful Stu Jackson, the lovely Keira, and the hunky Conti (Continuum Trek) and it certainly opened our eyes to our lack of Trekkie knowledge – HOWEVER, the results may just surprise you! You can watch the full event here.

When two franchises collide...

When the day itself jumped out of hyperspace, Sessions were asked to jump aboard the breakfast show on BBC 5 Live with Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden for a quickfire chat about Star Wars and what Star Wars Day itself means to the fandom. Matt also accepted the invite from the legends up at BBC Radio Manchester to chat some Star Wars and indulge in some galactic banter with Pete and Gaz – it’s well worth a listen. Both can be heard here.

The BIG drop of the day came in the form of The Bad Batch! Now, we had all known about this for weeks but it didn’t make it any less exciting upon opening Disney+ and seeing the series premiere had dropped. We’ll be giving our spoiler-filled thoughts on each episode of season one and the first episode of The Bad Batch Recap dropped in the afternoon of May 4th and it’s available right here. Disney+ also dropped the excellent Star Wars: Biomes, Star Wars: Vehicle Flythroughs, and even a special The Simpsons short – The Force Awakens From Its Nap. All three are great and definitely worth having a gander at.

After taking a break to, well, catch our breath and have a bit of food, we hit YouTube for our first May the Fourth Livestream Session where we discussed fandom memories, the new Disney+ artwork, blue milk, Hasbro helmets, and much more. You can watch the filth unfold here.

In amongst all of the fun, it was amazing to see what everyone else was up to – fans and listeners of the Sessions, other great content creators, major outlets, everyone was on a positivity high which was great to see and we feel so honoured to be a part of such a great fandom and community. As is the Sessions Way (THIS is the way) we’re already excited and looking ahead to May 4th, 2022.

May the Force/Fourth Be With You All.