Here at Sessions HQ, we love a convention and we love a Star Wars-themed event, and, thankfully, in 2021 we were able to attend a handful of them. Of course, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, conventions and events were few and far between (certainly in the first half of 2021) which limited us to only attending three throughout the year but that doesn’t mean that the spice wasn’t flowing in full force.

Matt, Luke, and Gavbacca // Nerd Base // July 7th 2021

Our first event of the year was on July 3rd, 2021, at the UK’s greatest geek shop – Nerd Base. The fine folk there had organised a fabulous Star Wars Weekend that included cosplay by Essex Cosplayers, appearances from Star Wars alumni, game sessions, some filthy discounts, and, yes, us. It’s always an awesome time when we visit Nerd Base and this was no different. We were also privileged enough to be joined by Sessioners from around the UK to join in the fun and, of course, have a few beers throughout the day also.

During the day we were able to talk the Wars with Nick Joseph (Arhul Hextrophon – A New Hope), Chris Bunn (The First Stormtrooper – A New Hope), Sandeep Mohan (Stormtrooper – The Force Awakens / Shore Trooper – Rogue One), and Ross Sambridge (Body of Snoke – The Last Jedi). Each of them provided some great insight into the behind-the-scenes filming process and some fun anecdotes also. You can hear them all during Episode 121.

Shout out to Gavbacca for entertaining my daughter throughout the entire day. She believed that Chewbacca was really there and it made her day and year. You are a KING.

For all of the images from the day, pod race over here!

Luke, Ion Silental, and Matt // Elstree // September 11th 2021

Our second event of 2021 was the Elstree Con Star Wars Family Fun Day on September 11th hosted by the legends at Liberty Events. We both enjoyed spending our money at the various stalls selling Star Wars merch and we were lucky enough to receive one-to-one lightsaber training from Silver Sabres instructor Ion Silental – we would like to go on record and say thank you for your unlimited patience as we fumbled and slashed our way through!

We also had the chance to speak with more Star Wars alumni which is always a treat. We caught up with Brian Muir (Darth Vader helmet sculptor), Paul Weston (Vedain – Return of the Jedi / Feyn Vann – Rogue One), Jerome St. John Blake (Mas Amedda and Oppo Rancisis – Prequel Trilogy), Scott Richardson (Quiggold – The Force Awakens) as well as actors/cosplayers Agricultural Light and Magic and listener/legend Eve Evangel who stopped by from Malta on a sojourn to London.

The event was capped by a trip to the awesome Bhageecha for an unreal curry and allowed for a spicy end to a spicy day.

To hear our exploits and interviews from Elstree, check out the SWS Extra episode and for the images from the day, head here.

Luke and Matt // MCM Comic London // 22nd October 2021

MCM Comic Con returned to London’s ExCel Centre on the weekend of 22nd-24th October and we were there once again to cover all of the pop culture, geeky goodness, and smother ourselves in all that was Star Wars at this great event. Our previous convention prior to 2021 was MCM London in 2019 so it was lovely to be back again at the big one after the dark times…after the lockdowns.

The atmosphere throughout the convention centre was of a celebratory tone, it was clear that everyone in attendance was over the moon to be back in their happy place once again and we were certainly no different.

We had an awesome time walking the floors and talking with the fantastic Star Wars cosplayers (and other franchises too…to talk Star Wars!). We’re always in awe of the time, dedication, love, and effort that is poured into each and every cosplay so a massive shout out and congrats to all in attendance rocking those bad boy cosplays!

As for panels, we took a trip into the MCU to hear Tom Hiddlestone, Sophia Di Martino, and the ace Jonathan Majors talking Loki, and, in more familiar territory, we attended panels including Jim Cummings (Hondo Ohnaka) and Cavan Scott also.

MCM is always a blast and it’s the people that help make it just that. Across the weekend, we were joined by a host of friends and Sessioners which just elevated the good times further. Friday night saw the tills at The Fox taking in a fair hunk of cash as the party raged on – after con parties just hit differently, y’know?

For our coverage of MCM Comic Con in 2021, check out Episode 135 and for all of the images, click here.

For all three events, we were accompanied along the way by James Bligh, videographer extraordinaire, keeper of the banter, and an all-around fine fellow. James documented our progress and journey and we couldn’t have done it without him. He’s a damn fine fellow and deserves just as much praise as anyone.

After such a torrid time for everyone due to the effects of COVID-19 it was a joy to be back on the convention and events circuit in 2021 and we hope to attend as many as we can throughout 2022. We hope to see you all there too!